The Pink Wedding dress: Does the color you wear to your wedding affect the success or failure of your marriage?

Does the color of your wedding dress have any impact on the success of your marriage?
Bonsour, mes amis! 🙂

Well, I just finished an eight hour writing jag (not blogging) and so I am taking a bit of a time out to throw something up on the Divorce Saloon board.

Is the "colored" wedding dress bad luck?

Actually I’ve been surfing around the Internet and I just read that actress Reese Witherspoon got married in a blush-pink frock. People Magazine has photos of it, and it is quite a lovely color on her, I must say. But I just wondered….could the choice of color of the wedding dress affect the marriage? Maybe not. I mean, most people get married in white and the divorce rate is atrocious in most places. So the white dress definitely does not make the marriage more successful; and I am loathe to say it makes is less successful.
But what about other colors. Like pink, blue, red, black or a combination of the above? Is there something a bit irreverent about that that might sort of trivialize marriage from the start and, perhaps, make it more likely that the marriage will end in divorce? I’m just kind of wondering about that.
I mean, on the one hand, if you’ve been married before and you have children…..
But a pink wedding dress? A black wedding dress? A red wedding dress?
Hmmmmm…..I don’t know. I mean, as I said, Reese dress is absolutely lovely. But…..I think better to elope to Vegas and wear jeans to the event, than mess with the traditional white dress thingy. It just seems inauspicious somehow.
……………………did I mention that I think I’ve met my husband?  He just doesn’t know it yet. And we’re definitely eloping by this time next year 🙂