Is your spouse ignoring all your overtures lately? Maybe he/she wants a divorce!

So. I met this hunk of a man the other day who just absolutely captured my imagination in a way that was just ridiculous. I’m like, omg, they make em like that??? But then, no matter my little overtures he completely was oblivous. Till finally, I said, “divorce!” and then I turned around and there was this other hunk of burning love, checking me out. hahahahahahaha 🙂 omg. So, it’s been interesting. And not just a little bit fun… a plethora of ways.

So anyways. I was at a loss as to what to write tonight and I just thought, write about overtures and hunks of burning love! And then, I considered the angle, and I thought I’d write about what happens when your spouse ignores all your sexual overtures.
Now, exactly what are overtures? I mean, I don’t know. There are subtle ones and not so subtle ones. You know. It depends on your style. I personally like to think I am the subtle type. But I’m probably about as subtle as a fricking NATO black hawk dawn bearing down on Muamar Gaddafi as he is having his OJ on his porch in his compound in Libya (you know, seriously, I’m very disturbed by that whole situation in the Middle East, quite seriously all kidding aside. These cowboys are going to blow this planet up.). But. That is not the point. The point is, what do you do when you are ignored by this person you are married to and who is supposed to find you delectable, delicious and delightful? Well, it depends. Maybe you are being too subtle. But if you’ve been black hawk dawn and still nothing?
It’s not rocket science. There are plenty hunks of burning love in the sea, mon cherie.
Who sang that song? My cherie, amour….?
Ok. That’s it for tonight. I’ve jumped the shark and I need to dance.  Michael Jackson is on. Wanna be starting something