Will billionaire S. Curtis Johnson's wife divorce him after he ALLEGEDLY molested his 15 year old step-daughter?

Do you divorce a man when he molests your child? Or do you give him a second chance?

Well, first: An old friend of mine from Haiti once told me this story of a woman in her village who once did something unspeakably uncouth: she stood in the middle of the street, dropped her knickers, bent over, and basically mooned everyone in sight. It was in protest for something or another, (can’t remember) but it sure did leave an indelible visual in my brain. I thought of her when I read The Moral Logic of Intervention by Paul Johnson in the current issue of Forbes Magazine. Don’t know why exactly. But I thought of her.

Now for the main story: Also in Forbes.  Apparently, and unknowing to me, billionaire S. Curtis Johnson III was charged in Wisconsin last month of sexually assaulting his 15 year old step-daughter. He is out on half a million dollars bond and he hasn’t plead in the case, according to Forbes. But it got me to thinking, “wow. that’s uncouth.” Why do men do these things? Seriously? And will his marriage end in divorce? Let me google him and see who he’s married to. Hang on………………..well, I’ll Bing him. Hang on……………..
Well, I just read on wisc.com that he plead not guilty and that his wife confronted him with the accusation that he had been sexually assaulting his 15 year old step daughter (her biological daughter) since the sixth grade and the 15 year old confessed because she didn’t want the alleged monster to attack her baby sister as well…..can’t figure out who he’s married to.
If I ever have kids, I am either marrying their biological father or I am not getting married at all. Men are just effing sick. They really are and as far as I’m concerned, you can’t trust any of them with your children. Not unless they are the biological father. And sometimes not even then.
Will she divorce this man? I guess she won’t  have to. He’ll be in jail for 40 years if convicted. Well, she will have to otherwise the assets just sit there and he can mess with stuff from his jail cell. Well, I can’t figure out his wife’s name and I don’t have the time to sleuth around the Internet I am still working on my PowerPoint presentation and then I have a bunch of other critically important stuff to do.
But I bet they will get a divorce. Because he’s gross. And my advice to any woman (and I hope I keep it for myself) is if you have children? Especially little girls? Don’t even date till they turn 18, never mind marry someone who’s not the child’s biological father and then expect your daughter’s virtue will be protected. Men can’t help themselves with this grossness. It doesn’t matter how rich, educated, “decent” and “upstanding” they are or seem. It’s a temptation they can’t resist. I’ve heard too many horror stories.
I mean, there is a slight risk if it’s the biological father. But definitely, a stepfather is an outright risk that I just wouldn’t take. And I don’t see how any body else does. Especially with a daughter.  I’m very serious. I’ve made a note to myself for years now. If I ever have children and I’m not married, that’s it. I’m not even going to date anyone till my child turns eighteen. Cause I don’t believe in guns, but I gotta say, I’m not sure that will hold through if someone defiled my child in this manner. And I really have no interest in jail, so it’s just better to eschew men once you have kids that are not theirs. And that is not to say that ALL men will molest your kids. The thing is, you just never know which one will do it and it’s a risk that I think more women need to really weigh more carefully before they put their children in harms way.