LOS ANGELES: Frank McCourt sued by former divorce lawyers Bingham McCutchen

According to AP reports, Dodgers owner Frank McCourt was sued by his former lawyers at Bingham McCutchen. It was Bingham that apparently drafted the infamous prenup with ex wife Jamie McCourt that was supposed to give Frank sole ownership of the Dodgers but due to some kind of mix up, ended up being thrown out by the court, and effectively making the damage Dodgers community property (which means Jamie will get a sizeable cut of the value of the Dodgers to Frank’s chagrin).
Anyway, based on my reading of the AP report, you would think that Frank was suing Bingham. But no. It is Bingham that is suing Frank McCourt. They want a declaratory judgment that their work was not the reason that the agreement was thrown out. It is a pre-emptive measure, for sure, to ward off the inevitable malpractice law suit that Frank will mount eventually. And that suit will run in the hundreds of millions and will probably bankrupt Bingham. So you can’t blame them for trying to get this declaratory judgment. But I don’t think they will win this. The declaratory judgment will be denied. Frank will sue, and they will settle the case somehow. That’s my hunch. But let’s see what happens.