Divorce & domestic violence: The global impact of domestic violence

Divorce & domestic violence: The global impact of domestic violence
Divorce and domestic violence intersect more often than people think. Just yesterday, I was reading a story on the web about a woman in¬† Florida, I believe, who was beat down by her husband IN COURT while the judge was still sitting on the bench. The woman’s lawyer had to pretty much peel her husband off her. The guy was an ex marine or something like that. At least he didn’t kill her so she is lucky when you consider all the other women who are murdered each year by their husbands, and some men, not as many by any means, who are also murdered by their wives.
This is a phenomenon all over the world. What is the global impact of this, I wonder? Is there an economic impact to domestic violence, for example? I am sure. Medical care is expensive and so that is a cost that will hit the economy somehow. When women are injured by a man they used to love and used to be married to, they can’t go to work often times. That is sure to have some kind of impact on the economy.¬† Jails, the place many of these perps end up, affect the economy. There are social costs too. Even in terms of how this affects children who have to look and listen to this much violence. They grow up and the boys in particular often become abusers themselves, or outright criminals.
Globally, I am sure the cumulative effects of domestic violence also have an effect on things, although I can’t necessarily think of the link right this minute.
All I know is that it is a sad situation. Especially when you consider that these people used to once love each other. That is why they got married. And then next thing you know, a man is bashing the living bejesus out of his wife or a wife is shooting her husband. For the life of me, I don’t understand why this happens. I just know its really sad…………..
Well, that’s my post for today. I am trying to master a particular subject matter and so I have to do some intense reading now after pretty much wasting the day shopping till I dropped. Oh my heavens!