Marriage on the rocks? Cheating on your spouse? How "location data" from your smart-phone can complicate things

Hey y’all! I say that as if anybody reads this damn thing. Nobody reads this damn thing. I come on here to talk to myself and decompress. And do I ever need to decompress. I am actually in the middle of some major studying and it’s very difficult because the focus is not there.¬† It’s like, oh gosh, you know? I don’t have it. The focus isn’t there. So been struggling all day and then I just thought, wait a second, it’s Easter. I’m supposed to be going to mass and doing those types of things, not trying to cram this stuff.

But. I took a break from the futility of it and I checked out the AP and they had this story up about how privacy groups are worried about location data on Iphones and Ipads and Android and all these phones which get stored for up to a year, apparently, are a bad wrap for consumers who deserve their privacy. And they were talking about how stalkers and divorce lawyers could use that information to their advantage. I guess somehow they use GPS technology to track down where a person is. And presumably that means if you are married and you are cheating, your spouse can just subpoena your cell phone records and check the location data to see where you were at at a given time.
Or stalkers could also use it for ill as well.
Wow. That’s crazy. A whole year they can keep that data for? I almost have to agree with the privacy groups that that is an invasion of privacy. Especially in a divorce situation….unless there is stalking involved. Stalkers (even those who do their stalking on the Internet) don’t deserve privacy, IMHO.

 What do you think?