Do you have a sweet, little crush on someone other than your spouse? Don't blog about it!

Sweet, little school girl crushes can be very dangerous in a marriage

Hey dolls! I’m taking a little break to throw this thought up on the board. I was reading a post over at Divorce in Connecticut and she was talking about how writers get themselves in trouble when it’s time to get divorced and how a spouse can use your writings against you and I thought she had a good point. And the thing is, it can be any type of writing. Including a blog. Even if you think you are blogging “anonymously” it may not be so. Anonymity can be decoded if someone is determined enough to get into your privacy and your business. And let me tell you something, sweet, little school girl crushes, innocent and harmless though they may be can get you into a lot of trouble. At a bare minimum, if you are married it can result in a dangerous jealousy in your spouse.¬† I can’t tell you enough how jealousy can distort people’s judgment and the untold malice that can follow. You got a crush on someone? Keep it to yourself. Don’t blab it on the Internet like someone I know and think it is private. You’re crazy to think that. It is incredibly bad judgment. And I am talking from personal experience because I did that on this blog. I talked about my crushes and stuff, and then some stuff went down recently, and I thought it over, and I think that jealousy was the motivating factor. A dangerous jealousy.

And for what? Because I had an innocent little crush on someone? I’m not married or beholden to anyone. I thought I was free to have a little crush if I chose. But evidently not.
Let me warn you in advance in case you are thinking about it: DO NOT BROADCAST YOUR SECRETS on blog, even if you blog anonymously. Anonymity can be decoded, and if you are married, or even if you are divorcing or already divorced, there can be some consequences to that that are very bad when you throw malice into the stew. And it may not even come from your spouse. It can come from third parties that you least expect.
Read the post over at Divorce in Connecticut if you get a chance.