MALTA: Anti-divorce and pro-divorce movement clash over "social impact assessment" of divorce

Divorce is a hot button topic in Malta. I just read today that there is a big debate going on, in the town square practically, between two camps about the importance of, or lack of importance of a “social impact assessment” of divorce before it is legalized in Malta. Malta is one of only two countries where divorce is still illegal.

The Maltese are anti divorce

People can get an annulment from the Church, but they cannot divorce, and if the marriage fails, the best they can do is live apart in a kind of de facto separation. But they can’t legally remarry. So there has been this push to legalize divorce in Malta and it seems that it will happen eventually. But not without a lot of push back from various camps. One camp seems to feel that the children are the ones who will suffer most if divorce is legalized. The other camp thinks that the children will be just fine and people should be ab le to remarry — in fact, they posit that remarriage may be good for the kids….
Whatever the outcome, we certainly wish the Maltese the best in figuring out what to do about this situation. Obviously, you can’t force two people to love each other and want to be together. It’s futile and ridiculous. At the same time, you have this old fashion notion in your head that marriage should be forever.
It takes a bit of pragmatism on the part of the Maltese, I think. Not all marriages are worth keeping. Some marriages should end. But read more about the tug of war in the Malta Independent here: