Are you a gym rat whose marriage is on the brink of imploding?

This morning, I awoke before the birds, which is highly unusual. Normally when I wake up, I can hear the birds going absolutely ballistic outside. Not this morning. They are completely silent which leads me to believe they haven’t woken up yet. The only thing up at the moment are the crickets…..wait….I may have spoken too soon…..I hear some chirping…..the little babies are up….well, typically, by the time I roll out of bed, even the dogs are up and roaming the streets as if they own it. But this morning I have a huge exam I have t take, one for which I am woefully unprepared, and so I got up three hours before the alarm, which was set for 6:00 am. So. You know it’s going to take a big cup of black coffeee to get me through that experience. That goes without saying.

I was stretching on the floor to some classical music by the New York Philharmonic (no time for a gym work out) and I thought of this post: Are you a gym rat whose marriage is on the brink of imploding?
I guess there could be such a thing as working out too much. Some people really go overboard. You see them at the gym and they are pumped beyond comprehension. They are beyond buff and they can’t seem to work out enough. Especially the guys. They really take their weight-lifting and their work out very seriously. But can this affect your marriage? I think so. Especially if you don’t both share the obsession. First of all, you could end up spending most of your quality free time out of work at the gym and then when you get home, you have no energy left to do anything. Or you could become really picky about your food and so your spouse feels under-appreciated. And then you may look at your spouse and feel that she or he does not measure up to your level of fitness and attractiveness and I can see a whole host of issues that could come from being too obsessive about working out.
Don’t get me wrong. I believe in working out. When I don’t work out, I feel really anxious and fat. When I work out I feel more in control of my life; I feel like it’s the life  I want to live; I feel healthy. I just think that people need to keep it in perspective and keep some balance to it. Anything in excess is bad – even exercise. And it can really take a toll on your marriage if you’re not careful.
Well, ok. I have to run. I want to stretch a little bit more and then I have to make an early start today. I wish you a lovely day.  (smiley face…..I think I want to eschew the smiley face symbol for a little bit and just say smiley face instead. I think  it’s more grown up and more sophisticated and less annoying)