BRITAIN: William and Kate show how to get married so that you'll never get divorced

Will and Kate give lessons on how to get married so you’ll never get divorced

Well, as it turns out, I miscalculated the royal wedding by about 24 hours. For some strange reason, and I’ve been doing that a lot, I got the time wrong. I thought it was tonight that I had to wake up in the fore-day morning to view the nuptials (tonight being Friday the 29th, no?) but evidently, it was Thursday night that I had to wake up in the fore-day morning. So when I came to consciousness, at my usual, oh, I don’t know, 10:00 am, and I saw pics of Will and Kate in Wedding garb, I thought, insanely, “why the hell are they rehearsing in their outfits for chrissakes? That’s going to spoil the wedding!” Come to find out, the joke was on me….

So, of course, I spent hours going through videos everywhere I could find them to piece together the entire ceremony.

You look beautiful says the Prince to the Princess

And I must say, Kate Middleton knows how to dress for a wedding. What a beautiful pageantry it was, eh? I mean, it didn’t look like a hugely diverse event, I feel compelled to say. I only saw white people. But I am sure there must have been others in the pews who are not white. I’m sure. It’s just that they just didn’t factor prominently in the photos. And even so, so what? Maybe they don’t have any black friends. That’s okay. There’s no rule that says they have to have “diverse” friends. It was still a beautiful wedding. It was at once medieval and modern. Totally not over the top; no bridezilla is Kate. My inner bridezilla almost wished her wedding party was just a little bit bigger, you know, six girls, four boys. But no. Kate is a British gal who knows that a classy affair is one that is not overdone. Everything in proportion. Nothing garish. It was not like, say, Princess Diana’s wedding. That was a spectacular wedding and not at all over the top or garish. It’s still my favorite royal wedding to date. But it certainly was a bigger statement from a different time. It was the eighties for chrissakes. Everything was big in the eighties. (I love Princess Diana, btw. She was one of my idols.)
But, the thing with  Kate is that she understood the time in which she got married and she totally delivered the right dress for the right occasion for the right time. Kudos to her and the rest of her wedding party. And congratulations to the groom.
So. What are the lessons I see here, as far as divorce? I hate to be crude and use such a word at a time like this. But this is a divorce blog after all. It’s what I’m supposed to talk about. Well, they seemed very happy on their wedding day, I must say. Much more relaxed than Charles and Diana. They seem like friends. They seem like the love each other; but more importantly, they seem to like each other. They seemed more in sync, more in love, more at ease with each other. This, I think, is very key. William does not think he is better than Kate and that shows. Yes, I think Charles thought he was better than Diana. That kind of mentality does not augur well for a successful marriage, at all. If you’re too good for your spouse, find another because the marriage won’t last and divorce is inevitable.
The other thing is, you can tell that they are romantic with each other. One of the first things William whispered to his lovely bride was, “you look beautiful.” Can you imagine in the middle of that stressful event, in the middle of all that internal chaos, he remembers to complement his wife with such a beautiful compliment? That’s a very good sign.
They are playful together. That is witnessed by the spontaneous ride through the mall or wherever it was, in the Aston Martin convertible with the sign that said “just wed” and the heart shaped balloons. And fittingly, William was driving. Kate is no Angelina Jolie as we witnessed in Mr. and Mrs. Smith (sorry Ange, I know you are totally feminine, I’m just saying that if Kate was driving, it would have sent a weird message, somehow but the way you handle your cars and planes is very impressive, so no offense.) But back to Kate. She lets the man take charge when it is appropriate. And it was just wonderful and augurs well for their union. Not to be sexist or anything. But there are times that calls for the man to take charge and the woman needs to know that time and just let him. It’s a very subtle thing, but it is very critically important, I think, in a marriage.
Another lesson I think newly weds can learn from Will and Kate is that they don’t take each other for granted. When they got into the carriage for the ride down the avenue away from the Abbey, William got in first and Kate handed him her bouquet. When she finally situated herself, he handed her back the bouquet she gave him the most tender look and said, “thank you.” Some chicks wouldn’t have even bothered to say thank you. They would take it for granted that he handed back the bouquet and in the mania of the moment, saying thank you would have been the least thing on their minds. Not Kate. She does not take her husband for granted. That is a very good sign.
The fact that they go so far back is good for them too. They grew up together so they know each other. They also share the same religion, the same nationality, the same race, the same age and assumedly, the same politics (I mean, what can I say? I helps when you more rather than less in common.) Plus, they expect it to last forever. Rumor has it that William did not insist on a prenup. So, clearly, divorce is not an option. I don’t see this marriage cracking up anytime soon. Unless, for some reason, Kate is infertile or something and forces William to go outside the marriage for an heir. That could create issues. I mean, she’s already 29. If she doesn’t get that heir in the next 5 years, then it just gets really, really complicated and I’m not sure if that “for better or worse” vow will hold up.
But if all things go according to plan and they are able to procreate, I see them lasting till death do them part.  I mean, one never knows. But I think they have a lot going for them here that should make this union a lasting one.
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