Happy Mother's Day, mommies!

I just had a lovely breakfast with my mom and family. Family is so important, isn’t it? And the work that moms (and dads) do is never done. I mean, I’m a middle aged woman and it just occurred to me how much my family, my parents in particular, mean to me. I mean, whatever else happens in life, there is always mom and dad. They love you. They can’t help it. And moms are really special. I mean, please. They carried us for nine months (or however long it took). A mother’s love for her children is just a basic instinct, isn’t it? I remember a saying from my childhood, a song, that goes something like this: Can a mother’s tender care cease towards a child she bears?  I don’t know, but I think not. I think not. Moms (except in rare circumstances) love their children forever. That love never ceases.
So, for all you moms out there, divorced or not, I honor you today. Have a wonderful, wonderful day, wherever you are and whatever the circumstances. 🙂