Marriage success secret #5: Behind every great wife is a great husband

Behind every great wife is a great husband? Really?
Sure, we all know that behind every great man is a great woman. History is full of examples: Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan; Bill and Hillary; Barack and Michelle Obama; Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King; Prince Charles and (I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this, but….) Camilla Parker Bowles; and….well, I can’t think of any more off the top of my head. But I know there are tons and tons of them: men, who, just behind their coats were these amazing, strong, supportive, complementary women whom everyone knows were the wind beneath their wings….
But what about the other way around? Are there women who are strong and successful because of their strong, supportive husbands as well? And if so, how come nobody ever talks about it in that way? How come we never give men that acknowledgment? Is it just a foregone conclusion? Or are there no great women to speak of? Or is it not so interesting? Or what?
I think that behind the strong marriages of history, are men and women who are strong supporters of the other. And I think that in large part, the strong man behind a woman is even more important than the strong woman behind the man. I mean, you know what they say: “If mom is happy, everybody is happy.” And when she is not, it’s just murder. And obviously, a woman is not going to be happy if she is not living her best life. And she is not living her best life if she has the wrong husband who just doesn’t support her and who cannot, for whatever reason, help her to be all that she can or wants or needs to be.
I have always thought that a man can make or break a woman more than she can make or break him. I mean, admittedly, what do I really know about it? Not much. I am just surmising. But I just always thought that the opposite of “behind every great man is a great woman” is a more profound and true statement. Behind every great woman is a great man. And I think this is a key ingredient in a great marriage too. Because the husband who brings out the best in his wife is going to actually be a very happy husband. Because she is just going to love and cherish and respect him more. And when she is “happy” then everybody is happy – especially him.
………..hmmmmm…….maybe it’s just true both ways: Behind every great marriage is a man and woman (or two people) who are just “great” for  each other in more ways than less ways.
I mean, I think, for instance, Bill is as great for Hillary as Hillary is for Bill; Barack is as great for Michelle as Michelle is for Barack; and so forth. It works both ways. I mean, it’s not necessarily congruent in the sense that it’s not that they push each other to the same level of greatness, necessarily. Prince Charles does not push Camilla to be “great” in the same way that she pushes him. But he brings out her best self. He makes her look, strangely, “beautiful” whereas before she was more frumpy and even Princess Diana described her as a “rottweiler.” She clearly makes him feel like a “King” and she relishes her supportive role. She is not trying to be equal to him in fame or “greatness.”
I mean, I don’t know. I’m kind of getting away from the point. But, yea, I think behind every great marriage is a great couple who pushes each other to be their best selves. And I certainly believe that behind every great wife, is a great husband; just as behind every great husband is a great wife. I think that is one of the fundamental marriage secrets.