Divorce & Panic attacks

Are you experiencing panic attacks that are attributable to your divorce?

Is your divorce giving you panic attacks? I wouldn’t be surprised. Divorce can be such a traumatic event in people’s lives that if it makes them go into panic mode sometimes, it is totally understandable.

I don’t exactly know what a panic attack feels like since I’ve never had one. Or maybe my entire life is one big panic attack and so it’s my norm and I don’t know how to feel any other way? ahahahaha….That’s funny. No. Let me stop. That’s not funny. I typically don’t get panic attacks (except that one time I had to get an MRI) but I am able to empathize and put myself in those shoes and I think that one way to deal with it, obviously, is get professional help. But I also think people can help themselves with choosing their moods, rather than allowing their moods to control them.
Moods can be chosen, you know. You can literally choose your state of mind. That I know from personal experience. Whenever I feel a negative emotion come over me, I can usually reason myself out of it. I tell myself, “choose your mood. Make a choice.” And invariably, it works. I feel better. Then I start to work on solutions to whatever is bothering me, or making me feel anxious. I write lists and I set goals and I focus and I meditate. And it just seems to work.
Everyone is different. But I just think if your divorce is making you feel panicked, you have to make a choice that you won’t allow yourself to feel that way. And you do that simply by choosing your mood, talking yourself out of that negative space.
And start a garden. Gardening is one of the most relaxing things you can do and you can even start one if you live in an urban apartment. You can have a window sill garden. You can have a tiny herb garden in the kitchen. You can start one on your fire escape. But, of course, if you live in a place like Texas or Georgia or one of those states, you’ve got plenty of opportunity to start a lovely little garden. Caring for it, and nurturing it will seriously relax you. And panic attacks will be the furtherest thing from your mind.
I guess you can tell I spent almost the entire day gardening. I feel so peaceful, so happy, I even wish my enemies well! 🙂  No, really. I do. I think to myself, “you know what? God bless ’em.”
Try gardening as an antidote for your divorce panic attacks. It just might work.