The Schwarzenegger/Shriver Divorce: What a shock!

Happier Days for Schwarzenegger & Shriver

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger Split! OMG!

Well, I was settling myself on the settee this morning, with my cup of ginger tea (love ginger tea! ­čÖé ) ┬áto watch The View (a show I have not seen in how long?) and I heard Barbara say something preposterous about the Shriver/Schwarzenegger 25 year marriage and mentioned how hard it is to sustain a marriage.

Happier Days for Schwarzenegger & Shriver

So I turned to the person sitting across from me and gasped, “the Schwarzeneggers are getting divorced???” And she nodded, “yes, didn’t you hear?” And I was like, “no, of course I didn’t hear. When did this happen???” And she said she’d heard it earlier on Good Morning America. And I just thought, “wow. I give up. There’s nothing sacred anymore. There is no marriage that is worth bragging about. All marriages are susceptible to divorce…..”

Wow. Arnold and Maria are getting a divorce. Imagine that. That is even more shocking than when Al and Tipper Gore announced their split. I mean, you just look at certain people and you think they have this solid, impenetrable marriage, you know. You buy into this fallacy and this fantasy that they are happy and that they are this exemplary situation and this couple to be admired and even envied in some ways. Because they got it. They have the perfect marriage.
And then you read that Schwarzenegger had a predilection for “groping” other women and you go, “whaaaat????” And you wonder how much this factored into the marriage. Or the demise of it.
Wow. I’m really shocked, I have to say. They looked like such a storybook couple: The big he-man with the bulging muscles, and the comely Kennedy princess with the full head of hair who moved to the Pacific Coast and had three lovely children….
Wow. Well, at least this seems to be an amicable situation. They are only separated at this point. They haven’t yet filed for divorce, although I am sure this is a precursor. I don’t expect this to get nasty, though. I would be really surprised, maybe even disappointed, if that happens.
Jeeze. Well, what can I say? The more I think about it, the more I think I am not missing out on anything by never having gotten married. Because I don’t want a divorce when I get married. I want the storybook ending, or I don’t want the marriage. I want just one husband, to grow old with, or I don’t want any. And based on what I see, I think maybe that is not very likely. Divorce is just inevitable at some point. Even for the best of them. And so, why do pe0ple even bother? That is what I would like to know. Why do people bother?