A divorced man for President: Can Newt Gingrich's blond wife Callista get him elected to the presidency?

Who would make a better first lady? Callista Gingrich, née Bisek, or Melania Trump, née Knauss? We shall soon find out because I’ve just read (yes, a few days late) that Newt Gingrich has declared his candidacy for president and he’s playing up Callista to the hilt, as if she’s part of his campaign promises, so to speak. Every other word out of his mouth is “Callista and I.”

Mrs. Gingrich, the blond bombshell

Hmmmmm………the reason this is even remotely relevant on this blog, btw, is that it turns out that Newt divorced his second wife circa a decade ago to marry this new woman, Callista. It was pretty scandalous because at the time Newt was at the forefront of a campaign to persecute Bill Clinton for Clinton’s extra marital affairs while, contemporaneously, Newt was involved in an extra marital affair of his own! I wasn’t really following politics that much back then but I seem to recall something about a choir, am I right? My sense is that Newt was conducting the affair with someone on the choir at his church. The choir loft was their little, how shall we say? Well, it was the place they had their clandestine rendez-vous since Newt was married at the time? Is that right? And I remember when that came out, the choir loft thingy, it was pretty scandalous and funny and titilating all at the same time because he had been outed as a hypocrite. He lost face. Because he had been casting stones at Clinton when he, too, lived in a glass house.
But then he divorced his wife. What was her face?……I don’t remember….But he divorced her, his second wife. And he married the blonde, Callista. And they have been married about 10 or 11 years at this point, he and Callista. And he even converted to Catholicism to be with Callista because Calista is Catholic, which is highly interesting just from the divorce angle and all. And so now Newt’s almost using Callista as a prop of some sort, to prop up his chances of cinching the GOP nomination and go against Barack Obama next year, because, I guess, if he promises America this blonde bombshell (who is not a bimbo) for a first lady, of course they will vote him into office. Or so he thinks.
Well, he will have to duel first with Donald Trump who has yet to announce his candidacy, but who strongly hinted (at least prior to the roasting he got at the White House Correspondence Dinner, and the Osama Bin Laden Kill) that he would be throwing his own hat in the ring just as soon as the President disclosed his Harvard transcripts…. Of course, Donald’s also very “unconservative” in this way as well, since he’s had, what? Five wives so far?…no, wait….three wives so far and two divorces. Trump has had three wives so far and is also known for his extra marital affairs, most notably the one he had with Marla Maples while married to Ivana Trump. But that doesn’t count because he was really in love with Marla and he couldn’t help it.
What will voters think about the “family values” of these two candidates? I mean, notwithstanding the fact that both their wives are drop dead gorgeous, still, they divorced their wives under less than honorable circumstances to marry these gals. So their “family values” seem a bit compromised, eh? I mean, for conservatives. If they were liberals it would be a different matter. But they are running on a conservative ticket; with a biography such as this. 
It would be interesting, though, to see a face off between Newt and the Donald; between Melania and Callista. That I would love to see. Wouldn’t you? I mean, seriously.