UK: Judge calls for overhaul of divorce law, citing a breakdown in the family as we know it

A UK judge has had it and he’s calling for a redo of the divorce laws in UK which he dismisses as anachronistic and which he blames for the sorry state of the family in the United Kingdom.

UK judges want changes in divorce laws

According to the UK Telegraph, high court judge Sir Paul Cooleridge wants an overhaul of the current divorce laws to reflect the differences in family since the 1950s. He seems averse to prenups and cohabitation laws calling them “stealthy.” But he really is chagrinned by the damage the current laws seem to invoke on children whose lives are often torn asunder by the parents’ divorce. Says the Telegraph re Sir Paul Cooleridge’s comments about the divorce laws currently on the books in the UK: ”

It is “incredible and concerning” that there has been no high level inquiry into divorce reform since the Royal Commission of 1950, given how radically society has changed, Sir Paul said.