Is you married to a psychopath (sic, sic, sic)???

Is you married to a psychopath?
Bon apres midi, Cheries! Just had lunch, after enjoying some time taking photographs of some pretty scenes. I think I love photography. I have lost so many classic pictures I’ve taken over the years, it’s a real shame. From time to time I see one somewhere and it makes me smile. But I really have not done a great job of safeguarding my photographs at all….
In any event, just now I did something I haven’t done in a while: I checked out HuffPost Divorce. Yes, true, they’ve been on my shit “list” for a while for reasons I won’t rehash, but  it just became irrelevant over time and I basically have forgiven them for they know not what they do; still, I haven’t had a chance to check them out in the last few months cause I’ve been sort of busy. But I did hit them up today and there was this post about how to spot a “psychopath” before you marry him. I thought that shizzo was hysterical, myself.  I laughed maniacally especially because of the photo they used with the post. I thought I’d share it with you if you haven’t already read it. You can find the link here: 
I wanna tell you, the pic of that man in his white briefs stretching with the mask on his face? Omg, I was in stitches. Totally beside myself. But the article was a good one and I think useful information for gullible women on the prowl for a husband (counts me out; I”m not on the prowl; I don’t even look anymore; I gave up; that’s it.).
But yea, according to the article, these guys out there, they are not all they are cracked up to be, some of them. You gotta be careful. Some of them are renking crazy! Seriously.  And usually, by the time you figure that out, you’re already married and then the only option is to get a divorce, if you live to talk about it. But that can all be avoided if you read the piece on Huffpost Divorce. I mean, it’s humorous, but it’s serious too. This guy, the author, (and he should know, he’s a guy!) outlines the five biggest telltale signs that your husband is a psychopath. Girrrrl, read that thing and pay attention. Save yourself….
Well, hope u r having a great afternoon and that u r not married to a psychopath. Oh, btw, the title, “Is you married to a psychopath” is deliberately sic, okay? I Know that the verb and the subject don’t agree but I thought “is you” was the right fit for the title. It’s kind of “psychopathically” fitting in a weird kind of way. No? Giggle, giggle.