When your husband shags the help and spawns little tots, do you divorce him?

WHEN YOUR HUSBAND SHAGS THE HELP – Filed under Children & Custody
Governor Schwarzenegger has such a poker face! That man kept a secret for ten years about an illegitimate child he had with the help while married to Maria Shriver and nobody was the wiser, not even the National Enquirer. That is crazy. It’s like nannygate napalm, whatever napalm is (I read an article yesterday about Jessica Simpsons ex saying she was like napalm and I use it at my own peril cause I don’t know what napalm is; hopefully it’s a benign substance). In any event, when your husband impregnates the help, I mean, what do you do? How do you feel? Especially when you are someone like Maria Shriver?
I tell you, I’m impressed that no one squealed about this. He must pay ginormous sums in child support. That woman must be blissfully happy! She must have her own mansion in Beverly Hills….wait. She continued to work with them till January of this year. WT_?….So, what does that mean? Maria has seen the child? The child walks around the house and she did not know this was her husband’s child for ten whole years??? I’m almost incredulous. Now. The other thing. If he was paying big child support payments why did she continue to work with the family? She should have had enough money to get out of the maid business and set up her own mansion across the street. Because that is big time blackmail. That is worth a lot of money and I’m sure he paid it. So why was she still working for the family for a whole decade?
Wow. Well, clearly, Maria allowed him to have his gubernatorial fantasy and as soon as that was over, she filed for divorce. So she knew for some time, I think. She held that secret out of a sense of loyalty, discretion and even embarrassment.
My suspicion is he is still involved with the other woman and that woman fancies herself in love with him. If not, she would have squealed a long time ago. They are still conducting an affair, those two. They fancy themselves in love.
My own personal view is that when you are married, don’t trust your husband with the help, even if the help is old, wrinkled and grey. Even assuming he doesn’t shag the help, rest assured the help has nieces, daughters and other skirts with vajajays who will come around your place and who your husband will be very likely to find irresistible. It’s just one of those things. Letting the fox in with the chickens. Big mistake. Does that mean you can’t get help around the house? Hmmmmm….maybe. Maybe you need to do your own housekeeping. Maybe you need to watch your own kids. Don’t even bother to try a manny (as opposed to a nanny) cause these days that could be trouble too.
Solution is, don’t bring other women into your home. I mean, not even your own mother. And for that matter, don’t bring other men in there either. I’m just saying.