I'm in China!

Hello all,
I haven’t got time to blog and update lately since I’m in China for a little while. But you can still leave comments and I will respond when I can.  I LOVE China! Yesterday I got to see the Forbidden City and the day before the Summer Palace. Today, we are scheduled to go see the Great Wall (although I am debating that since I have girly issues…) But, omg, I think this is a great, romantic place for a Honeymoon! OMG. Um….I just love it. Yesterday we went to this restaurant that was once a private home and it’s got a little sun roof and parakeets in cages, and stone floors and I mean, I can’t even describe it. I tried to take pictures but my stupid camera died so I will put them on flickr whatever I have but….
Aaaagh….China is truly marvelous and even though their divorce rate is rising, they still have a low rate compared to us in the U.S. and I see why. This is a very family oriented country. Plus, you should see how acrobatic everyone is. In the mornings, the entire community is out exercising in these public gyms and even grandmas can throw their legs high up on these bars to stretch and I’m looking at them and I’m thinking, “wow! I can’t do that!” You know? And I”m sure that flexibility must bode well in the boudoir and so their husbands are happy. And hubbys are working out too, so, I mean, his prostate works and whatever else, even if he’s 96. So that is the secret to their successful marriages….
Well, I have to run. But I just want to say, this is a mystical, fascinating and beautiful city and I love it. When I get back stateside I will hopefully have some fotos which I will throw