Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony divorced??? Say it isn't so!!!

I’ve been in a self-imposed retirement. I had said all I had to say on the topic of divorce and so I called it a five year adventure and decided to focus on other past-times.

Jennifer Lopez

But then I heard this thing about Jennifer and Marc getting a divorce, a split, so to speak, and my mouth dropped. It just absolutely dropped from here to gwasso and I said, “I gotta put this up on Divorce Saloon. I just gotta.” And so here I am, blogging, against my better judgment.
Where am I? Well, I am on American soil after traveling transcontinentally all summer. (China was AWESOME, btw, but it turned out to be one of many ports of call for me for one reason or another)l Right now, I am probably not where you would expect me to be. Where I am is incredibly beautiful. I feel blessed to be here.
As I read the Lopez/Anthony story, I am looking out on a pool from the lens of French doors… is quite lovely here….sigh…. I’ve just had a healthy pineapple/red peppers and broccoli salad in the macrobiotic tradition because I really need to detox from all the dumplings and other stuff I’ve been eating all summer. I allowed myself to gain a bit too much weight…why am I boring you with my angst, eh? Sorry. ¬†It’s just that I feel incredibly healthy right at this moment, and the last thing I want is to think toxically, of things like divorce. I hate divorce. ¬†Certainly, I don’t want to sensationalize divorce, not even that of celebrities like the ridiculously successful Jennifer Lopez and people of her milieu. I mean, some people, it is hard to feel empathy for them, isn’t it? Jennifer seemed to have it all, including that unbelievable gig with American Idol. She was so in love with her husband. Whatever or whomever will she turn to for an encore?
I never really thought that marriage was her schtick. She seems like someone who can, only handle being with the same guy for just so long. I mean, how many divorces has she had at this point? Three? Four? Boy. But I hope she had a prenup with this guy. I hope it is airtight. I hope she didn’t make any sex tapes with him. I hope she was thoughtful in everything she did with him.
Marriages only last so long. Everybody who gets married these days has to mindful of that and then act accordingly, celebrity or no celebrity. Because the chickens do come home to roost. They always do.
Jennifer Lopez is a beautiful woman and she will find another man eventually and will probably have 2-3 more husbands by the time she gets to Liz Taylor’s age (when she died). I can’t wait to see who she hooks up with next. Puff Daddy is single and waiting…maybe Ben Affleck will divorce Jennifer (forgot her last name) although I don’t think there is any love lost there….
Wow. I am rambling. I am just shocked. Just when I thought it was safe to stay off the blog…