Real Housewives Taylor Armstrong's husband Russell Armstrong commits suicide after she serves him divorce papers

Taylor Armstrong of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills must be feeling pretty weird today. I just read on Yahoo that her husband Russell Armstrong committed suicide today. Taylor had only asked for a divorce a few days previously. What an awful thing, isn’t it? I’ve not seen the show in ages, not even sure if it’s still playing. But when I did watch, I found the Armstrongs a bit strange. It wasn’t just the $50K party for the little pre-school daughter. It was something about their aura. They did not seem happy at all. Their money did not buy them happiness…Then, apparently Taylor revealed that her husband used to hit her and say awful things to her, and that this was the reason she sought to get a divorce — “to find peace.”
Wow. This is obviously a very sad time for this family and what can I say? My condolences. That’s all I can say. My condolences….
Jeeze. When will I find a “happy” divorce story to write about? Oh, wait. I said I wasn’t going to write about divorce anymore. I have retired the blog. So this is my last post. Unless something interesting happens to take me out of retirement, like a story like this one. Wow. Again, my condolences. I am really sorry to hear that, even though I realize they were miserable in their marriage. Image:
(sorry if this pic is insensitive, I couldn’t find a common license pic of Taylor.)