Is Brad Pitt Jealous that his ex wife has finally found her soul mate?

Well, howdy, ya’ll. I just read on the Internet that Brad Pitt has dissed ex wife Jennifer Aniston in his most recent interview in Parade Magazine. I was taken aback.

A Jealous Man?

Why now, I wondered? He’s been free of her for seven years and he seems as happy as a clam (albeit aged beyond recognition) and he’s never said anything about the marriage. But all of a sudden, Jennifer finds a hot, young, hard-bodied, tattoed, bike-riding bad boy who’s younger than Brad and Brad comes out with Jennifer was “dull” and the marriage wasn’t what it was cracked up t0 be? Who the heck cares about that seven years after the fact? Why is it necessary to bring that up now? Why does the world need to know what happened seven years ago to a marriage long forgotten, long broken? It seems so out of place, so delayed. I  started to wonder if he was slightly jealous of Justin Theroux and Jen’s new happiness? He strikes me as being very competitive with his exes. He also likes the next, hot new thing. So he’s a bit shallow too. He picked up with Angelina right after Gwyneth announced her pregnancy with Apple and she was jet-setting all over Europe with her European boyfriend. Brad just swung out of his marriage with Jennifer and dropped Jen like a hot potato when Gwyneth and Chris Martin started to get hot and heavy and Gwyn became pregnant. And he picked up with Angelina and knocked up Angelina months later.
He strikes me as very competitive and jealous. He doesn’t want his exes. But he doesn’t like to feel they have moved on with someone better and more fun, younger and more interesting than him. He doesn’t want to think they could have a much more interesting and fun life without him being the center of it.
That is why, in my opinion he’s come out with these hurtful things about his marriage to Jen that nobody needed to know or to hear, especially so long after the fact.
What bad form, Brad Pitt. You are a good looking guy, but not very sensitive and not all that nice and genuine either. Because if you were truly nice, you woudl have totally kept that comment to yourself and there would have been no need for you to come out and do “damage control” and take it back. You meant to do it. You meant to diss Jen because you are jealous she might actually have found something lasting and meaningful with Justin.
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