The 12 stages of divorce

I’m incredibly bored and so I took to the blog to relieve my ennui….aaaaaghhhhhh!…I should not be blogging…!!! Actually, I spent my morning painting. I’m really into watercolor and I have a bunch of canvasses going and so I did a bit of work and then I needed to go and do real work but I decided, you know what? I’m taking the day off. I don’t care what’s due. I don’t care who needs me. I don’t care about responsibilities. I just don’t care. I’m rebelling. I hereby rebel. And so I cooked up a storm and ate up a storm — mostly pasta. So you should take hints there about what is really going on when I start pigging out on pasta and I’m bloated and totally in a rebellious frame of mind….so anyhoo, I came over to the blog and I have about 35 unfinished posts and this was one of them, The 12 Stages of Divorce  and I thought, “why not? Why not try to finish this one?” And I figured, yea, why not….hang on….am eating my pasta soup as I type. It’s made of Ramen Noodles…but it’s really good. It’s amazing. Oh my gosh…..
Okay. So the 12 Stages of divorce, in my humble opinion (please note I’ve never been divorced so I really have absolutely no idea what the darn I’m talking about) are as follows:
1. Anger and shock
2. Retaliation
3. Resentment
4. Grief
5. rebellion
6. spite
7. Uncooperativeness
9. Self-doubt
10. Blame
11. Grief
12. Acceptance
I figure I should elaborate on this, but guess what? I’m too darn lazy….I should go to the gym. I definitely ate too much today. You should see my stomach…so what do you think of my list of 12? Agree? Disagree? And how the hell are you? I haven’t been blogging as you can probably tell, and it seems nothing new has happened since I’ve been gone. What a tedious topic, eh? Or am I the one who is tedious?…well, whatever…I’m heading to the gym. I’m in stage 11 of obesity. Any more than this and folks will be asking “are you due soon?”
foto from Flickr Creative Commons License