Is Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore headed for divorce? Or is it all just a publicity stunt?

Well, happy Sunday! I am sitting here listening to classical music and feeling much better than I did earlier this week (boy was I a mess!) and so I thought I’d come back to the blog and try to write a “normal” post that doesn’t make me sound like I’m on the verge of a breakdown with me pigging out on all that pasta and all…

Splitsville for Demi and Ashton?

So, I did a bit of sleuthing since I’ve been out of the divorce loop a bit and I discovered that there is some speculation that Ashton Kutcher (under 30) and his beautiful wife Demi Moore (nearly 50) are possibly heading for divorce due to his “philandering ways.” And I thought, “hmmm…where have I heard this story before?”
I believe I did a post on Ashton and Demi a year or so ago when he was first accused of cheating with a 20 something year old. And I said at the time that Demi should have known better than to marry a man like Ashton who was not only so much younger than she, but who was also slightly adolescent in his mannerisms. I mean, its one thing to be young and another thing to be immature and Ashton strikes me as a bit immature and boyish and not at all well suited to manning up to a longterm marriage with a woman nearly 20 years his senior.
I don’t wanna say I told her so and I’m not an ageist or anything. But I am a realist. I realize the real truth and I face facts harsh though they may be. Some things just matter, like race, socio economic background, religion, and yes, age, in a relationship. And I am not a sexist either but I can tell you that what goes for the geese do not necessarily go for the ganders when it comes to the effect of “age” on a relationship. A man can be way older than a woman and have a very successful marriage. A woman, not so much. If she is more than, say, 5 years older than her husband, chances are greater that that marriage will implode before the 10th anniversary, than if she is 5 or more years younger than her husband. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know. I don’t make the rules. It just is what it is. Demi and Ashton’s marriage was doomed from the start because even though she looks fantastic for her age, even though she can give any 20 something a run for her money in terms of her hard body and all, she is still 48 and her husband is 15 or more years younger and now, he’s checking out women in their 20s and making Demi look like an old hag in the process. This is just fact, ma’am. And facts have to be faced.
Why did she do that to herself? She didn’t have to do that to herself. She could have had a fling with him and let him go on years back and then either marry an age appropriate man, or not get married at all. Because once Ashton starts doing what he’s programmed to do, which is desire additional how shall I say?…couchies ( šŸ™‚ ) as the marriage prolongs, he’s not going to be looking at other nearly 50 year olds. He’s going to go younger. And that is partly biological. He wants to sire his own kids and Demi is not able to give him that anymore at her age. So he’s looking at younger women. And just the mere fact that he is doing that, Demi comes off looking hopelessly old.
And I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry. Because she deserves better. I mean, look at the girl. She’s gorgeoous. But she made her bed by marrying this guy and she’s going to have to sleep in it. Because if not now, then eventually, the marriage will come apart because her husband, sadly, will not be able to keep it in his pants for the duration. sorry that was indelicate. I should have said he won’t be able to remain faithfulĀ till death do them part; and that when heĀ cheats it will be with women much younger than Demi;Ā which will reinforce how much older Demi is than he; and it will ultimately make Demi feel like an old, unwanted, discarded shoe.