Marriage falling apart? Have some green tea

Well, here we are. I’ve had a very UNproductive month, so far. I just can’t get it together for the life of me. Today for example, instead of working on a whole bunch of papers I have to write, I watched a bunch of classic movies on Netlflix, like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Chinatown. I’m such a bad girl. But I’ve been blogging. So that’s good, I guess. No interesting divorce gossip, except for the speculation about Ashton and Demi. As I said, she is lucky that boy didn’t bonk her daughters! What was she thinking, quite honestly? As for other divorce news, nothing particularly newsworthy. So I figured I’d talk about tea.
When was the last time you sat down and sipped tea from a beautiful tea cup/saucer with your spouse? See. That’s exactly what I mean.¬† Couples are not drinking enough tea. If you took the time to sit and have tea with your spouse (with maybe some Scottish crumpets) you will see the marvels it does for your marriage. And green tea in particular? The bomb, baby. The bomb. First of all, its so incredibly healthy for you both. Filled with anti-oxidants. But you know what? It’s clean, too and it sweeps the brain and it releases endorphins — and this is supposed to be good. Plus, it really apparently, um, how shall I say? It…well, you know what? On second thought I’m going to abstain from saying what I was about to say because it is not appropriate. It is not appropriate at all and I always want to conduct myself appropriately and with the proper decorum.
Just do yourself and your marriage a favor. Have some tea. Green tea. Every morning, first thing, for 14 days. See if you don’t change your mind about wanting a divorce…Now for a peanut butter and jellie sandwich…