Keep ego out of your marriage so that you can avoid divorce

An old friend of mine was in town this weekend, so we got to catch up on all the goings on up North, and just hang out and enjoy each other’s company. He’s a good chap and  it sure was fun to see him, except for the fact that we fought so much, as usual. I love him to bits, don’t get me wrong but as we were having our fifth disagreement about whatever it was we were disagreeing about, I got to realizing that he’s a bit of an egomaniac and I told him bluntly that that is why his last two marriages didn’t work out. He didn’t take that well and pointed out that he asked for the divorce both times, and that at least he’s been married (implying that I’ve never been). Yea. Fine. Touche. But it’s true. He’s totally full of himself, thinks he knows everything, and thinks he’s god’s gift. And you know what? There’s room for improvement like the rest of us. Frankly, he is not the second coming of Christ. And I’d had it with him at one point and I let it rip and told him exactly what I thought about his ridiculous ego. I mean, seriously, get over yourself, darling. It’s not that I’m saying he doesn’t deserve to be totally full of himself. I mean, he does well in life and he looks good for his age, he’s very talented and he should enjoy his success. I’m just saying that sometimes, even when you have every reason to be full of yourself, you can come down to the level of us mere mortals and not be so…egomaniacal. You know what I mean?
As I said, I love the guy to bits and I criticize him with love. He knows that. But I just think, within the context of this blog, that maybe that is why some folks have a hard time staying married. They have a really huge ego. It makes them not as sensitive as they can be and it makes them hard to reach sometimes and hard to live with. And it’s just not as much fun when someone is just too darn big for their britches. You know what I mean? It’s like, I turned to him at one point and I said, “look, a.h., stop acting as if you don’t sit to poop like the rest of us.”
Thank god he and I are not married because some one of us will probably kill the other before our first anniversary because that huge ego just drives me crazy. But, he’s a good guy. He really is and I”m just venting. And he’ll probably read this and know I am talking about him which is going to annoy him. I just wish his ego was a little bit smaller. Ya know? Then maybe I could seriously work on being  wifey number three. 🙂