Travel: A Napa Valley Divorce Celebration

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Napa Valley divorce ceremonies are for the ultra civilized….

A good friend invited me to go to Napa for the weekend and so I’ve been sort of pondering the idea a bit; it’s been one of those things I’ve always wanted to do but have never done. But…I mean it sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Biking in Calistoga, driving through the Sonoma wine country, an inn on the Napa River, the vineyards and wineries, wine tours, mud baths and romantic dinners in St. Helenanapa 3….sigh…what’s not to like, eh? Well, its a bit complicated let’s just say. But it got me to thinking about Napa Valley and since I’ve been blogging lately, in a blogging state of mind lately, I thought I’d blog about divorce in Napa. Turns out there are companies out there that offer divorce ceremonies for ending a marriage or long term relationship in a dignified way. It sounds so peaceful and lovely the way they put it and what beautiful country for such an event, eh? I mean, don’t get me wrong: they do weddings too and other happy occasion. But the Napa Valley divorce ceremony is a thing. And you haven’t lived until you’d had it. Hey, at least you can get a nice mud bath from what I hear.
Check out Tripadvisor or google “Napa Valley Divorce Ceremonies” for some ideas if you are in the market for a divorce celebration.
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