Amanda Knox so young and pretty some say she's got time to "marry and divorce"

Well, as I was on the stairmaster today trying to reconstitute my ay es es this morning, something was on the tele about Amanda Knox, the knock out American university student who was sprung from prison last week after serving 4 years for murdering her flat mate in Soliceto, Italy. I looked at her and thought, “wow, she’s way too pretty to be a cold-blooded killer.” What do you think of her? Innocent? Guilty? I was just reading on the New York Post that she’s still young enough and pretty enough to “marry and divorce” and I thought that was a good line. Because she is, isn’t she? Such a pretty girl. Such piercing blue eyes. It’s hard to believe she could have done anything so chilling as to murder her flat mate in cold blood like that. I can’t believe she could ever even bully another person, never mind kill another person for no reason. That is for ugly people, isn’t it? Those types of heinous crimes? Not for someone as young and nubile and pretty as Ms. Knox. I pass no judgment. I was not there. I have no idea is she did this or if she did not do this. But I am intrigued by the Post piece, about the fact that, still a young whipper snapper in her twenties, Knox’s whole life is ahead of her. She will definitely marry. And will likely have kids.¬†She’s going to probably be filthy rich from books, reality shows and endorsement deals with major brands. Life is going to be very good for Amanda Knox, I dare reckon. It would have been totally different if she looked different of course, if she wasn’t so “good looking.” She would have rotted her ay es es in prison for 30 years or more — her innocence would have been irrelevant. Who cares if you’re innocent if you are ugly? Nobody cares about your innocence if you are ugly. Usually you don’t even get the benefit of the doubt. You are guilty till you prove yourself innocent. Let’s face it.
Must be nice for girls like Amanda. I should be so lucky like her.
But yea. Wonder how many divorces she will have in her day? And how those ex husbands will fare? One has to wonder if the will emerge from that marriage alive and with all their body parts or if Amanda will somehow manage to reconstitute them if they somehow step out of line?Image pic: