Is the media to blame when Celebrities' relationships don't work out? Or are they making bad choices from the get go?

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Is Media to blame for J.Lo's divorce?

I’ve been having a bit of a rough patch, as usual, so this moment is especially nice and sweet….Anyways, this post  really came from a recent Glamour Magazine article about superstar Jennifer Lopez and she made a comment that next time around, she will have her marriage outside the media spotlight. And I wondered, “is the media really to blame, Jennifer? Or was this not the right man for you?”
The thing with celebs is they can just blame the media when things don’t work out. It’s an easy answer for the problem. It was the media. But I don’t know. I am not so convinced….because when the rest of us get divorced, I mean, we can’t exactly blame the media, can we? We blame ourselves. We blame our divorce lawyers. We blame whoever we blame. But the media clearly has nothing to do with it.
When Jennifer married whatshisface (can’t remember the boy’s name for anything) she had just broken up with Ben Afleck and she was basically in hiding and she married in secret and then her career went a bit cold and then she had her babies and she and Marc (oh, just remembered his name) did a little reality show on an obscure channel and the media wasn’t really paying all that much attention to Jen. Not until she got American Idol a year or two ago, in fact, did J.Lo and the media seem to have much to do with each other. So to be fair, I don’t know this was the media’s fault.
I am surprised, frankly, that this didn’t work out. I thought, personally, that Marc was a perfect fit for her. They are both from the same ethnic, racial, and social background and they are into the same career and so they seemed to be a really good match. I am really surprised, shocked, even, by the divorce. However, I can’t agree with Jen that this was the media’s fault. This was not the media’s fault. They were not being hounded by the media. The media was too busy hounding Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian to care about the marriage of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.
I think the marriage didn’t work because, unfortunately, it didn’t work. Maybe there was jealousy and competition. Sometimes when you are so “evenly yoked” you can get competitive. Sometimes, it might be better to marry way up or way down. So  there is no competition. I mean, there can be competiton anyway…wait…my eyes are burning….I think it’s the darn flowers!!!….Jeeze…………………………………………………… pretty, smells so good, but makes my eyes tear……………………….okay, so as I was saying, a couple can get competitive even when they are not so evenly yoked. But in this marriage, with Jen and Marc, I think competition was a big issue. I think, unfortunately, she was too much for him to handle.
I just think that she should just admit that and not do this lame blame game of the media. And next time, she needs to vet her potential spouse a little better. Maybe she should date a year or two first and see before tying the knot. It’s not like she has a biological clock she needs to worry about now that she’s spawned Max and Emme. Image credit: