Ruth and Bernie Madoff's constructive divorce

I shouldn’t feel compassion for people like the Madoffs. But I do. I feel great compassion for them, even back when the world was in the thick of the story back in 2008. I just felt this great compassion, rather than anger. I tend to be lame like that. Even in my own life when  people commit these horrendous wrongs against me, I do get angry. But then I feel all this compassion. I try to understand why they got so lost in the first place, that they would commit such egregious wrongs against innocent people.
Bernie Maddof apparently was interviewed the other day but I didn’t see it. And Ruth will be on 60 Minutes tonight. I probably won’t see that unless I can get it on Netflix or something. But I saw her image on the Internet and I see a woman so tortured. Here she was, she had soooooooooo much, her life must have been beyond my comprehension in terms of the material wealth she enjoyed, the places and people she came in contact with, routinely. She was somebody. She made the “It” list without having to do anything but be married to who she was married to. And then her world came tumbling down. She must wake up in the morning and wonder if it’s all just a really long, bad, nightmare….
Bernie Madoff apparently said in his interview that they don’t see each other anymore. Apparently she used to go see him one per week but since Mark committed suicide, that stopped. She told him she wouldn’t do the 12 hour drive anymore. And he accepted it. He said she asked him to “let go of me.” And he did.
They’ve divorced each other. Though they didn’t file papers, as far as I know, they are constructively divorced. Its sad to me, tragic. I wonder if they will file official divorce papers? Boy. I sense that Bernie Madoff is in a good place. I think he understands that what he did was wrong. He’s said, “I deserve to be punished. I know I will die in jail.” Not everyone who commits wrongs against others are big enough, man enough or woman enough to face up to it like that. Instead, they blame the victims, point fingers and make excuses for the evil they perpetrate. They are remorseless. They don’t care.
I think that it is possible, that if Bernie Madoff is repentent and he atones for his sins in prison, that he may even end up with the “Great I am” in Heaven one day. Yes, I know. Shut up, Pollyanna. But it’s true. A man can do something so enormously wrong, so evil, and yet, even he can obtain forgiveness from the Great I am. That’s why I’ve tried not to judge him….
Anyways, this is about Ruth and the divorce. And yes, I think you can definitely call this a constructive divorce. The Madoffs are constructively divorced. Even without the official divorce papers.