Kim Kardashian must still be into Reggie Bush?

Okay. Against my better judgment I thought I’d ponder why Kim and Kris’s marriage imploded in just, what, 10 weeks? It’s still an annoying concept, but at least I’m not so hungry. I ate more bananas. And then I thought, “wow, maybe she still loves Reggie.” That happens, you know.

Is Kim still in love with Reggie?

I mean, Kris Humphries is way better looking than Reggie Bush. I think. He’s taller for one thing and he and Kim just looked really cute together. But love has nothing to do with looks. Love is truly blind, ridiculous, irrational and undying. Love loves in spite of it all. And so, I thought, maybe she’s just still in love with Reggie. And I do think she loves Reggie. I don’t know what it is he is packing that she loves so much. But I think she loves her some Reggie. And I think that is why she didn’t give the marriage a fair chance. I think she probably married Kris in defiance, to show Reggie, that, you know, look: you’re not going to marry me? I can do better. I can find another you in a minute. And you know what? I”m going to marry him and bleep you, Reggie Bush, Bleep you! And so she goes out and gets married, and has this circus, all for Reggie’s benefit. And he sits at home thinking, “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn,” but he’s not worried. Because he knows she loves him. He knows he can still get her. And he just looks at his watch and counts to three. And then, boom. The marriage goes bust. And he smiles to himself and keeps looking at his watch. How long before she calls to tell me she can’t live without me?
Guys like Reggie, who are so sure of themselves, really annoy me. They really do. But I am annoyed by Kim as well. I think marriage is a sacred thing and you don’t do this, Kimberly Kardashian! If you don’t love this guy, why put the public through your little games like that? All in the name of a reality show?…well, you did gain fame the way you gained fame…so…
Jeeze. Okay, well, let me go back to doing a little reading. I am reading for a change. But I thought I’d stop to throw this up on the board. I think Kim is still in love with Reggie. He probably promised her that if she divorces Kris, that he’ll marry her shortly thereafter.
Still, how annoying. How incredibly annoying.
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