Is Kris Jenner to blame for daughter Kim Kardashian's speedy divorce?

Since I’m on this Kim Kardashian kick, I figured, heck, why not come out and blame the mother? You know, mama Kardashian, Kris Jenner? She’s the biggest stage mom, ever, and I’m thinking that maybe she pushed Kim into this relationship, marriage and the lavish ceremony that was paid for by advertisers, all so that she could have the most famous daughter and bring in more moolah.

Is Kris Jenner at fault for Kim's divorce?

Kris Jenner, in other words, sees dollar signs all over her daughter’s bottom. Ahahahahahaha 🙂 That made me laugh out loud. The “sees dollar signs all over her daughter’s bottom” part. I’m giggling as I write….what would I do without this blog? I can’t tell you how sane it keeps me….but seriously, I am sure she encouraged the marriage. I don’t think she dissuaded her. And so, I think it’s all her [Kris Jenner’s] fault! I mean, Kim had no business marrying that guy if she wasn’t in love with him and her mother should have stopped her. The whole thing is ridiculous. Don’t you think? And Kris should have known better and put a stop to the madness before it even began.
Anyways, I am about to have to go. Where? I don’t know. To work on some substantive issues, I guess. I am feeling much better today that I have in a while. I’ve been kinda, sorta not focused, you know? But it’s getting better. All I need is to restore my appetite and then I will be as good as new….well, I hope you are having a wonderful day, readers. Please come back from time to time…and leave me a comment sometimes. Just don’t be mean. Cause I don’t like meannies 🙂
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