The ultimate aphrodisiac: this will stop divorce dead in its tracks!

So, what is the “ultimate aphrodisiac that will stop divorce dead in its tracks?” I have no idea. That post title was merely to titillate… but if I had to hazard a guess about that, you know, what is the ultimate aphrodisiac that will stop divorce dead in its tracks? I would say….it is…hmmmm….um…well, I don’t think it’s food. I think it’s mental. Ahahahahaha 🙂 No, seriously. It’s like a meeting of the minds that is so profound. You know? Like, you’re minds meet. And it transcends foods and all that and is this really intense, like, chemical/hormonal reaction that is almost tasteable. You know? And if you can generate that feeling all the time with someone, I think it is tantamount to an aphrodisiac. And  it’s like really powerful and you can’t divorce someone whose mind you meet on that level, you know? …what do you mean “what the hell is she talking about???” I’m talking about aphrodisiacs! And stopping divorce in its tracks! What part of my analysis do you not understand??? It’s about mind! It’s about having this totally transcendant experience. That is the ultimate aphrodisiac and you need to get it EACH time you go anywhere near your spouse. Alright?