The Kardashian/Humphries Marriage: Do parents need to explain to their children why it imploded?

I was just reading the NYT and there this article that gave me pause.  It suggested that somehow American parents needed or indeed, did, explain the Kardashian divorce to their children. I thought whaaaat? Are we serious??? Kim Kardashian’s marriage is that important that now parents have to explain to their kids why she asked her husband for a divorce?

Is Kim Kardashian a role model?

What does that say about us and our culture if that is true? I mean, are we saying that Kim Kardashian is a role model for American children? Are we really going that far? Seriously??? I mean, I think the girl is gorgeous. She leads a very interesting life. Her sisters are gorgeous. Her mother is gorgeous; Bruce is hilarious. It’s all very interesting, very entertaining. But to suggest that she is a role model for children so much so that parents need to explain to their kids why the marriage blew apart in 72 days? Are you serious??? OMG I couldn’t even believe the subtext in that piece in the NYT. I think we need a reality check as a society when we  start to look at someone like Kim Kardashian as a role model for kids. That is not to say she is a bad person. But she is not an appropriate role model for kids and they, frankly, shouldn’t even be watching the show. Plus, I don’t even think it’s fair to Kim. She never told anybody she is a role model. She’s a reality show star and she’s making her money and we’re watching and that’s our problem. We don’t have to watch. And the thing is, I copped to being totally annoyed by this marriage/divorce because it seemed to make a mockery of marriage and I’m my own little puritanical self. But I don’t cast so much culpability on her as to hold her accountable to the nation’s kids. She is not that and I don’t think she ever pretended to be that. I mean, her fame is based on an adult tape she made for chrissakes. Do we need to explain that to our kids as well? Or is it the responsibility of parents to shield kids from this kind of stuff to begin with? I don’t know but I think we need a reality check as a society once we start to go down that road.
Anyways, got to run. I just ate two poached eggs for dinner.  I am making progress…. 🙂