Is Khloe Kardashian secretly gloating that sister Kim's marriage cracked up?

Well, good evening, mes amies.¬† It’s almost 12 hours since I woke up and wrote my first post of the day. This will be my last for today….So I was wondering, since I have nothing better to do for the next half hour, whether perhaps Khloe Kardashian is secretly happy that Kim’s marriage didn’t work out.

Khloe Kardashian gloating?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think Khloe loves her sister and when push comes to shove, she wishes her well. But I also think that Khloe and even Khourtney are both jealous of Kim. They resent her and are competitive with her, first of all because she is more famous and she has more Twitter followers. But second of all, Kim is more attractive by far than Khloe. I sense that Khloe has always felt a little bit in Kim’s shadow, a distant star to Kim’s brilliantly shining sun. When Khloe hooked up with Lamar and got that ring, she felt she won¬† lotto. First of all, she was getting married before Kim. Second of all, it was with a ballplayer; remember that Kim, too, was dating Reggie Bush, another ball player and really wanted the ring. Reggie didn’t cave. Kim was crushed. Meanwhile, Khloe got in there and pulled off a coup by quickly marrying Lamar. But then, the marriage is still going two years hence, so she’s proved that it wasn’t just a fluke. She has staying power. But then she looks over her competitive nose at her sister who she called “bridezilla” and she realizes, hey, I love the beyatch, but I am secretly glad the marriage didn’t work out; that means I have the better marriage. It’s one thing better than Kim that I have. Hahahaha. But then on the other hand, she’s kind of sorry for Kim, too. It’s like, “you poor thing, Kimmie. You may have the best looks and you may have the most money and the most fame. But you can’t get a man. You can’t keep a man. You can’t sustain a marriage. You’re single again, pounding the pavements looking for a man. And look Kim, I may be ugly but at least I have a huuuuuusband.” That’s what I see behind Khloe’s smirk. She is glad her sister’s marrige cracked up. I wouldn’t be surprised if she helped undermine the marriage either. That happens in families. All the competition. Then there is one member who is more sensitive and insecure and they all play on that, exploit that. And Kim, though she is far better looking, is infinitely more insecure. She listens to her family. She fails to realize they could sabotage her. And not because they hate her. They just are jealous and competitve with her and they don’t want her to have EVERYTHING. Why should she have EVERYTHING? Good looks, and a man too, especially one as gorgeous as Kris Humphries. They made her feel he was not good for her. They undermined that marriage and Khloe, I bet, was a ring leader. Because she secretly competes with her sister and she wants to outshine, outmaneuver and outfame her sister. That is my sense of Khloe Kardashian. She is secretly gloating that her sister’s marriage cracked up.
Poor Kim. It will take her another ten years before she figures out the truth of this dynamic. By then she will be how old? And how many opportunities and situations will she have allowed her sisters to $#%@# up, all in the name of their “love” for her. She’s a foolish girl. A very foolish girl.
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