Are Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux really married? If yes, can this survive a Kardashianesq divorce?


jennifer aniston and justin theroux really married
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux really married?!

Is Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux really married? Hollywood couples with “uncommon” marriages these days. By “uncommon I mean ones that last upwards of ten years or more. I just heard, or read that Jen and Justin may have tied the knot, secretly, in some exotic locale. And I felt happy for her.
I am so rooting for Jen Aniston, it’s pathetic since I only know her persona. I don’t know her. But I feel like I’m her biggest cheerleader over here, and I wish the best for her, especially finding Mr. Right, settling down, and having gorgeous babies and living happily ever after. So I was very happy to read in one of the gossip magazines that she had married Justin. But then I got worried too. I wondered, “oh, oh. Is he really the one? Will he stand the test of time? Is he an uncommon man? Will he really stick by her and take care of her and never leave her and humiliate her the way Brad Pitt did?”
Don’t get me wrong. Jen has proven to me that she is a very tough cookie and it’s not like I think she will fall apart if Justin turns out to be a dog. But I just hope and pray that he’s a good guy and that he loves her and that this is not just a publicity stunt or marriage of convenience or a gold digger situation. You know what I mean? I just hope that he is an uncommon man by Hollywood standards and that he is real. And that this marriage is the real deal, for her sakes.
Well, gotta run. It’s 7:00 or so, local time, rather overcast, although it’s supposed to get better and if I heard correctly get up to the nineties temperature wise. So I want to try to get as much as I can out of the day today. Please do the same, reader. It is a great privilege and blessing to be alive, you know. So give Thanks!
See y’all later! A bientot!  🙂
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