Is sex with the ex-spouse ever appropriate?


sex with the ex
Did you have sex with the ex? Tell the truth…

On my way back from my morning walk, I thought of this topic because there is a dearth of new posts in the “Sex and Divorce” section. We put one up the other day on aphrodisiacs but it was so lame. And so I thought, try to think up a more substantive issue….
Anyways, a friend and I had a falling out last week because I teased her that she still wanted to sleep with her ex husband. I personally thought the concept was hilarious. I cracked myself up as I made the assertions, as a matter of fact. I expected her to likewise crack up. But she got pissssssssed. I mean, it was unbelievable. And I wondered, did I hit a nerve? Or is this a taboo subject? Or what? Would you ever consider sex with the ex? Have you ever indulged? Do you think Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew indulge from time to time? I have always been curious about that. I mean, they live in the same house and neither is linked to anyone else for several decades.
I think it must happen? Right? And I don’t get why my friend got so angry with me about it.¬† I was only teasing her because I didn’t really think she still wanted him. But after her reaction, I started to wonder….
What do you think? Is sex with an ex spouse ever appropriate? Does it happen? Do people still secretly desire their ex spouse in that sense? I’m sure some do, right? What do you think? Is it ever appropriate for exes to bonk after a divorce?…
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