I listen to this radio program every day and it is so uplifting to me, I can’t even tell you. They were talking about men who hold the door for women today and one guy said “that’s my pleasure. I love to do it. It’s not a lost art!” and I thought, “wow. There are still men like that who think of holding the door for a woman as being their pleasure and privilege?”

Chivalry is not dead!

I personally think that that is what is wrong in many marriages today. We have lost the art of being, you know, “men” and “women” in our relationships. A lot of guys (not my dad) don’t even bother to hold doors for their girl, for their wives, anymore. This is a huge problem. But it is insidious. We don’t even think about it anymore. But its there. Beneath the surface. And it is a big part of what is wrong in our relationships. Men and women are different. And the roles we play in our relationships are different. And I just think that, little things like holding the door for your wife, can make such a big difference in your marriage! Seriously! It is not a lost art to want to take care of, and protect and, you know, sort of “baby” your wife and treat her like a lady, and with proper regard. You know? There are wifely things a wife should do too, don’t misundertand. I am not “man bashing” as that man accused me of on the Economist. But I am saying that I believe a lot of marriages can be saved if more husbands were more tender with their wives and not take her for granted and do the little things like always hold the door for her.¬† This is the way it was meant to be, in my humble opinion. ūüôā
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Orginally  published November 11, 2011 as Hey guys, holding the door for your wife could make the difference between a happy marriage and divorce!