Feeling crucified in Divorce Court?

Hello Everyone! I am sitting in a cafe at the moment thinking of you all. ūüôā I had such a lovely day today and I hope you did too. I went to the gym, first and foremost and worked on my legs which are coming along quite nicely, thank you. Then I went shopping for my friend who is under the weather. She is so wonderful and has been a catalyst in helping make a HUGE decision I’ve had to make. So I will do anything for her. Then, I went for a long walk along the San Antonio River and ended up at the San Antonio Museum of Art. I LOVE THAT PLACE!!! (The Museum and the River Walk) ¬†If you are ever in San Antonio, you must go. There is a lovely little cafe there called, Cafe Des Artistes (we have one in New York) and I sat and had some Earl Grey and an Apple turn over. Then I decided it was time to do some substantive work (I have a big paper for my International Economic Law class) but¬†before that, I wanted to throw a post on the board….
I thought of¬†the post title because one of the wings at the museum had all these paintings of¬†the¬†Crucifixion. I typically am very¬†undecisive about the concept of “Jesus,” or¬†at least I have been in the last two decades of my life. That has slowly begun¬†to change. I have been discovering a love and appreciation for, and a¬†newly awakened belief in Jesus that is so wonderful. It brings me such strength, courage and peace in my life and puts a smile on my face where normally, I would be filled with woe.¬†And so I was taken by the images and I stood there looking at them, with a renewed appreciation for what this human being has gone through. And,¬†of course, I had to somehow blend it into a blog¬†post. So I thunk up this one: Feeling crucified in divorce court?
I can totally see how there are times when people might feel crucified in divorce court. Court is no place for the good. It is a nightmare and lots of times, you can feel like its all stacked against you: the judges, opposing¬†counsel, your soon to be ex, the kids, everybody. And believe me, some bad things can happen in divorce court. It’s not a place where “good” prevails.¬†People get railroaded,¬†people’s character and reputation get called into question, people lose rights to their kids, people get cheated by less than honest spouses. It can feel a bit like a crucifixion, can’t it? What can you do about it? I am not sure. I look at the image of Jesus and he died! They killed him! If he was no match for evil, how can we expect to be in our daily lives? But then, if you believe in this concept of Jesus, you also know that he triumphed in the end, over death, over the crucifixion. And the way he got through some of the¬†hardships is he said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they¬†do.”
I think people sometimes have to do that in the divorce arena. They have to¬†forgive the powers that be, even though that is difficult sometimes. You have to¬†forgive. It doesnt’ mean you don’t fight for your rights.¬†It doesn’t mean you sit there and let them nail you to the cross. Jesus already did that, so we don’t have to do that anymore. You must go to battle, if you must; you must stand up for yourself and for your rights, whatever those are. But you must also forgive those who persecute and crucify you in your divorce. For they know not what they do. If they did, I guarantee they wouldn’t do some of the shizzo they do, to those who deserve far better.
Cheers, darlings! I have to start writing this paper. I want it done in 14 days flat. So I can move on to other challenges. So, a bientot! Till I return, mes amies!