Food: Divorce Pancakes

Hi everyone! I finally pulled myself out of bed. I woke up this morning and the most amazing thunderstorm was blasting outside my window. I just love thunderstorms – so long as I am still in bed. So I was so excited. I pulled the covers up to my chin and hoped it would last all day so that I could have a bonafide excuse for not meeting any of my responsibilities. But alas, the sun appears to be peeking out, not even one hour hence. So I got up and decided it might be fun to make some pancakes. (I am back to pigging out and will regain all the weight I lost last week when I strangely lost my appetite….just when I was beginning to enjoy having a flat belly.) pancakes 1 Anyways, no divorce news so far. I’m just gonna make some pancakes and wanted to wish you all a great pancake day.  Have a great day y’all! Wish I could share my pancakes with you. 🙂 …I think when I’m done I’ll try to upload some flickr pics on the home page. My friend Matt in Oklahoma says my homepage is looking kind of shabby lately. Do you agree with him? Fotos thanks to Flickr Creative Commons and here. I have been rather lazy lately, haven’t I?