Divorce & Your teeth: Did you know that divorce can wreak havoc on your smile?


Well, I’m sitting here thinking about the state of my teeth. Ahahahahaha 🙂 No, seriously. I was. Because I’ve been drinking a lot of tea (I love tea!) and its starting to show. So, since I always think of off the wall things to write about on this blog (that’s because my reality is so horrendous that I come on here to  escape it and act silly) I thought I’d do a post on divorce and your teeth. And guess what? I think it may be a prudent subject because now that I think about it (oh my god, I need to study for my Economic Law class, what is wrong with me???) I totally think divorce can totally destroy your teeth and leave you with an ugly, brown smile and chipped, grinded down teeth.

Has divorce destroyed your pearly white smile?

Think about it: Divorce involves a lot of stress, right? What do people do when they are stressed? They stop eating properly; they smoke more; they drink more; they imbibe a lot of coffee; they turn to comfort food like chocolate and candy and marshsmallows; they grind their teeth when they are sleeping; they stop seeing the dentist because they are too depressed and distracted; they don’t floss (who the heck has time)….and it goes on and on.
What do you think this behavior does to your teeth? It destroys them! Before you know it, you don’t have pearly whites anymore. You have disgusting greys, yellows and browns.
What’s the solution? Well, take extra care of your teeth even when, especially when, you are going through a divorce. Don’t destroy them with bad behavior just because you are depressed. Your smile is one of the first things anyone notices about you (which is why I’ve called a personal moratorium on smiling till my teeth are back to their pearly glory) and you have to make a concerted effort to take extra special care of them, even if your marriage has just rolled off the cliff.
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