Do you need a marriage counselor? How about Kim Kardashian?

Director/producer Tyler Perry is getting a lot of flack for casting Kim Kardashian in his next film, The Marriage Counselor. Apparently, his fans are saying it’s irresponsible to cast someone like Kim in the role. I don’t understand the beef, though. Tyler Perry does mostly comedic films, right?

Kim to be cast in Tyler Perry's "Marriage Counselor"?

It’s not like he’s pretending to be someone like Steven Spielberg? So anyone who goes to his movies is going for the quick laugh, right? It’s entertainment, in other words.¬† So what does it matter if Kim Kardashian is cast in a film about marriage? She’s had two marriages, she ought to know a think or two about it, non? By Hollywood standards, anyways? I don’t get why people are outraged about that. I mean, I was outraged about the quickie divorce and the seeming mockery of marriage that her “marriage” to Kris Humphries turned out to be. But what the hell do I care if Kim Kardashian is cast in a movie by Tyler Perry called,The Marriage Counselor? What the hell does anybody care? Seriously. I just think people have some weird priorities in this country. They get upset about some weird stuff. Mocking marriage is not okay. That’s fine to be upset. But a reality show actress who’s had two pseudo marriages being cast in a movie about marriage by a director who specializes in comedic films? Seriously, what the…why should anybody have a cow about that? What about the fact that she’s so famous and being considered a role model for the nation’s children when her fame is based on the fact that she distributed a sex tape? Where was all the outrage when that happened? And I don’t mean to condemn the girl. Whatever it takes to make her living, it takes. But nobody cared about that. She has over 11 million followers on Twitter. She makes millions of dollars in appearance fees and god knows what else, all stemming from a sex tape. Now they are up in arms because she was cast in a Tyler Perry movie? Come on folks. Gimme a break.