The post-divorce sexification of Jennifer Lopez

Darlings! 🙂
Been trying to reach you since yesterday but either the blog or my Internet Service was acting temperamental so I just couldn’t get on. Now, I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say…Guess it wasn’t all that important, right?  Well, I”m up early, again, and I just took a look at my Yahoo, and I saw this clip of Jennifer Lopez from last night’s AMA and I wanna tell you, that girl is sexing the place down! Oh my heavens! I mean, how old is she? In her forties, right? But you shoulda seen her last night in this sheer body suit singing about “dance for your papi.” I was sitting there thinking, “doesn’t papi mean ‘father'”??? Is she suggesting that women dance in outfits like that for their father??? Well, whatever the case may be, she looked hot. She didn’t look like she was missing Marc Anthony at all. It’s like “Marc who? I just keep getting better and better and hotter and hotter and sexier and sexier!”
I love it. I think that more women should be so empowered post-divorce. And inspired to be even better than they were. It doesn’t mean you don’t mourn the relationship. We are not stones, we are flesh and blood. It’s okay to cry and mourn. She did. A couple of weeks ago, I read that she broke into tears on stage somewhere. So she does mourn. But she gets right back on her horse and she keeps doing her thing, keeps trying to improve, to be better. She keeps living. And on top of that, she apparently has another him in a New York minute. Rumour has it that she is dating one of her back up dancers — Casper Smart.
Now, I don’t know how “smart” that union is. I’m tempted to say that a back up dancer is not good enough for her. But actually, they have a lot in common, don’t they? It’s not like she’s a lawyer dating a back up dancer. She is a dancer herself. She is an entertainer dating another entertainer. It could work…and you know what? Maybe that’s where I’ve gone wrong in my life. This idea that you have to date a certain type of man….maybe I’ve been wrong about that.
Anyways, I must run. I just had to write because it is who I am. A writer. I need this blog more than this blog needs me. It’s therapy to come on here and say silly stuff and forget about reality for 30 minutes or so. Thank you Divorce Saloon for being here to keep me sane! Thank you guys for reading — and have a great day! 🙂
And you go, girl, Ms. Jennifer Lopez!