Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear readers,
Happy Thanksgiving!
I know it’s not always easy to count your blessings when you feel like you have all these rivers to cross and not being able to find your way over…. And if you are someone who is going through a divorce right now, I am sure you may not always feel 100% thankful, woe is you. That is probably how you feel. Believe me, I understand that impulse to wonder “what is there to be thankful for?” when life is not going the way you want it to. But it could ALWAYS be worse. So just give thanks. For whatever it is you’re going through right now, for whatever it is you have, however little that might seem to be because I guarantee it’s a lot more than someone else in the world has right this very moment.
So, just GIVE THANKS! At least, you should be thankful that you’re alive. There is always hope for a brighter, better, tomorrow. 🙂
With love,
Staff of Divorce Saloon