Justin Bieber's paternity test is "dope"

Good Morning!
I’ve been blogging a lot in the mornings lately. Have you noticed? I don’t know what that’s all about. But as soon as I wake up, for some reason I jump on the blog right away. I must be bored. Or something.
Well, ok. So, yesterday, I was reading in the New York Post that Justin Bieber had submitted to a paternity test which was conducted somewhere in New Jersey if memory serves me correctly. Apparently, some young woman claims she did the nasty with Justin a little bit over nine months ago, and a little tot was spawned and so now, presumably, she is expecting child support payments from the Biebster.
Justin, of course, is supposed to be madly head over heels in love with Selena Gomez (she’s a “Disney star” evidently) his girlfriend of a few years, and though the two are not married, it seems it is an exclusive, monogamous relationship and so he’s taking these assertions that he is the putative father of somebody else’s child very seriously. I’m assuming that he’s 100% sure this is not his baby. According to what I read, his handlers see this as “slander” and they have said, “you can’t slander someone and think there are no consequences.”
I thought, “wow. that’s intense.” And I agree, of course. People think they can go around and say whatever they want about people and destroy people’s reputations and their good names and just get away with it. I am proud of the Biebster that he is taking a stand on this and saying, you know what? Just because I am a celebrity you don’t get to say whatever you want about me. I am a man of principle and I am a role model and I take that seriously. And I am going to defend my name and reputation….you think he will sue her if it turns out he’s not the daddy? Is it even worth it? I’m sure she has no money to pay a judgment even if he were to win the lawsuit…
Still, A+ for Justin on this one. More people, even if they are not celebrities should stand up to this type of thing: slander, defamation, libel, all that stuff. Because it is so destructive to people’s lives when other people decide to just make stuff up and act as if its true and slander and defame people. I can’t even tell you how pervasive this type of thing is in the age of the Internet. And people have to act courageously in defending themselves against these miscreants.
…………………the only thing I can say is the boy is how old? He looks to me like he’s about 14 or 15? Is that old enough to knock a woman up? (I don’t mean to be crude 🙂 ) Well, maybe. I guess so. Men start growing lethal sperm probably by age 10, right? Wow. Well, so, now, by “dope” I mean “good.” Is that what “dope” means in young people’s slang? When they say “that shizzo is dope” they mean it’s “good,” right? 🙂