Is Tiger Woods' divorce woes behind him?

Tiger Woods seems to be making a sort of comeback since his 2009 divorce after which his life as he knew it imploded. I just read that he placed 3rd in the Australian Open recently, and he also pocketed a $3 million dollar fee for showing up to play at a course in Abu Dhabi. Plus, he recently got an endorsement deal with a sports company and he’s going to be wearing their logo on his bag. Plus, he apparently was the cinch that helped the U.S. team win a tournament of some sort (All this from Yahoo Sports). So life is starting to look up for Mr. Woods, it appears. By this time next year, I think he’ll actually be winning again. Good for him. He suffered for the wrongs he committed and now, it’s time to move on, and get on with it. Hopefully he learned his lessons and will not make the same mistake again, if he is ever to marry a second time. If you can’t stay true to your vows, Tiger, please just stay single. Then you can have all the couchies your heart desires and none of your endorsement deals will blow apart as a result.