Christmas shopping with credit cards can lead to divorce

Jingle Bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock!  Bonjour!!! I woke up early today. Too early. Like, 5:00 in the morning and Jingle Bell Rock was playing on the radio.  And what is the first thing I do? I come to Divorce Saloon after saying “Good morning, Jesus! Thank you for bringing me safely to another day!” Of course. Gotta start out with that, right?
Well, guess what? I have nothing, absolutely nothing to say about divorce this morning. Not a topic, no idea, nothing. I just am blogging, moving my fingers across the key board…my brain is barely awake. I am not even coherent yet. Need coffee. Oh, I think I have a little coffee date today. Maybe that’s why I woke up early. Anticipation?
Anyways, yesterday was “Cyber Monday.” One of the biggest shopping days of the year.  Did you go to town with the credit card?  Because that can cause problems when the bills come in in January. That could compromise your marriage. That could potentially lead to divorce, all that holiday shopping when there’s no money. So you better think it over carefully before you buy anything else. And you might even want to consider returning some of that stuff if it’s not absolutely needed. Seriously. I’m not preaching and I’m the last person to tell anybody to exercise restraint with a credit card. But I’m just saying. Christmas shopping can turn into a January divorce, so watch your spending! So I guess that is the title of this post: Christmas shopping with credit cards may trigger a divorce in January.  How’s that?
Well, I should go. I think I am going to return to bed till the sun actually comes up. It’s dark outside, as if it is the middle of the night but it’s definitely at least 5:00 in the morning. I hate when I wake up so early. My body clock is out of whack a little bit. I think people should sleep till at least sunrise, don’t you?
Have an awesome day, darlings! Just remember to lay off those credit cards. Maybe you already have enough Christmas lights. 🙂