Kris Humphries reportedly wants to ANNUL the marriage to Kim Kardashian

Oh, those Kardashians! They sure know how to keep the attention squarely on them. They are naturals in that regard. They make good celebrities. You gotta give me that. Now, I just read that Kardashian dumpee Kris Humphries who was unceremoniously dumped by Kim Kardashian after a 72 day marriage, will respond to the divorce petition by countersuing her for an annulment. What that means is he will seek to have the marriage declared null and void, like it never even happened. That’s pretty tremendous when you get right down to it. And you know what? It’s not totally off base. Was that even a marriage? Of course, in order to get the annulment he will have to show something like fraud. He will have to say he was induced to marry her, probably to promote her reality show and that had he known that this was the only reason she agreed to marry him that he would not have married her. Or he will have to say the marriage was not consummated or something like that. I don’t remember all the grounds for an annulment, but there are a whole ton of them. In New York, anyway. And I’m sure the same is true in California. But the thing with the annulment is it prolong this whole debacle. And it probably airs more dirty laundry. And why do that if it doesn’t have to be that way, you know? Why not just get an uncontested divorce, have the prenup enforced and call it a day?¬† Kris is a gorgeous guy. I don’t know what his personality is, so I don’t know if he is likewise gorgeous in the inside. But who cares about that in the world in which we live? People only care about outward appearances and outwardly, he’s gorgeous. He will find another Kim in a New York minute. And he’ll make money just from his association with her, by the fact that he married her and was dumped after 72 days. That’s newsworthy. It has dollar value. If I were him, I would just call it a day. I would move on. I would sign off on the divorce papers and just move on. I would not seek to “annul” this. Because it doesn’t matter anyway. Even if he gets an annulment to say the marriage never happened, who buys that? He was married to her. They did it before millions of people. They even sold the rights to the honeymoon. I mean, seriously, he should just sign those divorce papers and let bygones be bygones imho.