Is having separate homes the secret to a happy marriage?

I just got through lunch which was gross. It consisted of fried chicken and a tall glass of soda. I am resoundingly not the fried chicken kind of a girl. Just the concept makes me nauseous. But I was hungry. I didn’t have breakfast before I left home and hunger took hold of me in the middle of the streets, and I looked across and saw a place called, Church Fried Chicken, and suddenly I WANTED CHICKEN!!! So I ran across a multi-lane highway, barged in, and ordered up the Tuesday special which consisted of two pieces of chicken — a leg and a thigh — for ninety-nine cents. I kid you knot. I was just absolutely shaking with hunger and I sat there and wolved the two pieces of fried chicken down like a starved animal. And I got this tall glass of soda with it too. And I wolved that down. Then, I felt sane. I felt I could function. I could cope. And so I got on the bus and return to familiar turf, which means I’m sitting here with my laptop…………………………………………………………………………………………………………once again the blog ate the rest of what I wrote and I was too annoyed to finish it the other day, so I just left it. I walked away from it. And so I am starting this over a couple of days hence…………….. It’s now morning. I got up at the crack of dawn, a situation that’s actually becoming annoying. Why can’t I sleep late anymore?! Is it age? Am I getting old or something?! God, I”m starting to get dark circles under my eyes. This is just ridiculous….. 
Anyway, the topic. Is having separate homes the secret to a happy marriage? I have no idea what I said a couple of days ago. I wrote a long, funny post and I’ve forgotten everything. I don’t know if I think separate homes is good for marriage, though. I remember years ago, when I was much younger and sleeping 12 hours a day, I used to think that if I ever got married, I would want to have my own separate bedroom and bathroom. It seemed more interesting to me that we weren’t always up under each other and I figured that that way, we’d always feel like we were dating and that we would never become this boring, old, bored married couple who knew everything about each other and thus couldn’t stand each other anymore.
And there’s something to be said for that. A little bit of distance. A little bit of privacy. But separate homes? I don’t know. That’s carrying it a bit far, I think. It gets in the way of building intimacy and trust and all the things I think marriage is about. I mean, frankly, these days I am not even so sure that having separate bedrooms would be all that sexy. You know? Now that I’m older, I think you should have the same bedroom and you should share a bed and you should snuggle and keep each other warm. It seems cold to have your own bedroom when you’re married. I am still bullish on your own bathroom. I want my own bathroom, dammit. Not just my own sink. My OWN bathroom. But I think your own bedroom is weird and I think your own house is just weirder. It’s not marriage. It is some other kind of arrangement that you’re misnaming as marriage.
But then again, rich people have all these different homes. And so it is probably a way of life for them and it works fine for them, so maybe this can work for not so rich people, right? But are they “happy”? Just because a couple is married and living in separate homes because they can, doesn’t mean they are happy, does it? And doesn’t that much distance encourage infidelity? I mean, especially for the guys. Not to pick on men or anything, but you give them enough space, they are going to find alternative couchies just out of a sense of boredom. They will get bored more easily than women. And they don’t like to be alone. So if their wife is living apart from them, I think it almost drives them to cheat. Why tempt them in this way? Why give them this much rope to hang themselves and destroy your marriage to boot?