Jennifer Aniston to be sued for "alienation of affection" by Justin Theroux's ex girlfriend?

Will Jennifer Aniston be sued for “alienation of affection?” No, Jennifer will not be sued for alienation of affection by her boyfriend’s long time ex girlfriend because in New York there is no such cause of action as “alienation of affection.” They have it in South or North Carolina or one of those states but it only applies if the parties have actually been married, not living together as quasi “common law” husband and wife. People need to understand the difference in these things. That is why I am sort of anti living together before marriage. I think if you are going to live with a man for 14 years, then dammit let him marry you. I mean 14 years of your life is hugely significant. That’s an enormous chunk of your life if you are younger than 50. And you live with someone all that time without getting some kind of legal protection in case he does what Theroux did and dumps you for a hotter, richer, more famous woman? Are you kidding me? I was just at this salon and I was going through the gossip magazines and I read this article about Jennifer and Justin and how there might be a lawsuit in New York filed by Justin’s ex girlfriend who was reportedly dumped by Theroux after he met Jennifer. It’s ironic since Jennifer lost her husband Brad Pitt in exactly the same way. He want to make a movie with Angeline Jolie and basically never returned home. The difference though is that Jennifer and Brad were married.  And while I give respect to relationships, it’s not the same. Justin leaving a long time girlfriend is not the same as Brad leaving his wife. It’s just different. And the other irony is that Justin and his girlfriend (and notice I am not saying her name because I’ve forgotten it) but they were together twice as long as Brad and Jennifer were married. But that piece of paper makes a huge, huge difference. And more women need to wake up and smell that coffee before they decide to shack up with a man without the benefit of marriage. Not to say there is anything wrong with it, necessarily. But if you are going to give away the milk for free for 14 years and in the end there isn’t even some spousal support, there isn’t equitable distribution there is nothing. Zero. What do you have to show for all that time you invested in this relationship?  I guess this can happen in marriage if you have a prenup. But still. It just seems like such a waste of 14 years to have this man up and leave you high and dry with nothing. Zilch. And takes up with a more famous, richer actress. The girlfriend should have insisted on marriage and after two years, she should have ended that relationship and found a man who loved her enough to make a complete commitment. She has only herself to blame, imho.
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